What is the Best Way to Help a Developing/Poor Country?

By Kelly

Since becoming involved in the Haiti mission I have often wondered if we are making a difference. Visiting the country, I still wonder.

The “developed world” has made phenomenal blunders in international aid…many in Haiti. From not recognizing their country until 58 years after slaves won independence to wiping out their rice production to the benefit of American farmers after the 2010 earthquake. With good intentions, many of the world’s efforts in Haiti have caused more problems than good. But I read over and over, in scholarly writings, news articles, NGO websites and international aid publications – EDUCATION IS THE KEY to helping a people lift themselves from poverty, dictatorships, corruption…it goes on.

I never doubt that the time and money we spend on education, helping fund teacher salaries, helping fund school supplies, providing teacher trainings, and presenting faith formation sessions is EVER wasted.

I spend most of my time on our mission trips with teachers. You  know the type, they love kids, are eager to learn themselves, like to be dramatic in front of a crowd, love to be engaged and learn from each other and us. Despite the fact that they can barely feed their families, they know they are making a difference in many lives. I pray they all stick with it.

Below is one of my favorites (Moise). He is kind, smart, jumps right in when teachers have a question (during our formations), nurtures his students, and LOVES to learn new stuff when we come. He is a true professional. He’s my hero!

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Renmen Bondye, Sèvi Lòt Moun, Fòm Disip
Love God, Serve Others, Form Disciples.

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