Making a Difference: being called out of my comfort zone.

By Linda Hansmeier

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My new thing was in 2018 when I signed up to travel to Haiti with the mission team. I felt called to experience it firsthand, a gift I found, that keeps on giving. The new thing I learned that first year was recognizing how we approach the differences that are shaped by poverty. The beauty of the Haitian people and the country they live in takes your breath away, in spite of the depth of their poverty. I learned there is no one cause of poverty and that poverty is a complex societal issue.
This new thing helped me define the Haitian mission team and why I was called to become a part of it. Poverty is a call to action and no matter how it is defined, it requires every one’s attention. I was now part of a diverse group of people engaged in a ministry of presence to “make a difference,” especially through education. I found myself ‘trying’ to learn Kreyol, introducing vacation bible school to the Haitian children, helping with teacher in-services, learning about Haitian life and most importantly, making lasting friendships here and there. However, I never adapted to “bouncing” my way between one stop and another as we drove on the things that were suggestions for roads
Today, my new thing find’s me helping promote sponsorship for Run for Pie and being part of our St. John Social Justice committee and the Haitian committee as we work together to provide opportunities for the Haitians of Belle Fontaine to reach their full potential, especially in this time of extreme poverty and crisis in Haiti.

We invite you to “do a new thing” this Lent. Join us in supporting Haiti or choose another way to get involved in the parish. As always, we appreciate your ongoing prayers and contributions.

Your contribution of $150 (the annual cost to educate one child), or whatever you are able to give, is greatly appreciated.

Be sure to use the drop-down menu and select “Haiti Lenten Alms”
send a check to the parish office with “Haiti Lenten Alms” in the memo.

Renmen Bondye, Sèvi Lòt Moun, Fòm Disip
Love God, Serve Others, Form Disciples.

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