The Simple Act of Serving Others During Lent Can Change Your Life

By Jim Thebeau

This is just one of the children in our sister parish you help educate through your donations and service to others.

Why on earth would I want to go to Haiti, possibly the poorest country in the southern hemisphere? It might be dangerous, given its history of deadly earthquakes, hurricanes and political upheaval.

Why? To do a new thing for others. Because my wife and I had been intrigued by parish events promoting our sister parish there and the great needs of the children and families.

As a result, in mid-2018 we joined the All Saints Haiti Committee in anticipation of possibly becoming part of the January 2019 trip. It was inspiring to meet fellow parishioners who had made multiple trips and to hear their stories about the friendly and always hopeful Haitians they had met and worked with, including many dedicated teachers.

When the deadline to sign up for the trip came, we committed and said yes. We responded to the opportunity to practice the tenets of our church mission – Love God, Serve Others, Form Disciples.

We made the trip in 2019 and it opened our eyes to the very real need to help educate the vulnerable children of Haiti. The way our parish does that is by raising funds to help pay the salaries of about 100 teachers in the 24 parish schools.

So, what was the new thing we did as a couple? All of it. Joining the Haiti Committee. Meeting a lot of wonderful people and making new friends here and in Haiti. Raising funds. Making the trip in 2019. Committing to our parish tenets. And changing our lives.

Will you do something new and meaningful this Lent in accordance with the scriptures? Maybe be a servant of God and help others through your personal gifts. It can change your life and that of others far and wide.

Your contribution of $150 (the annual cost to educate one child), or whatever you are able to give, is greatly appreciated.

Be sure to use the drop-down menu and select “Haiti Lenten Alms”
send a check to the parish office with “Haiti Lenten Alms” in the memo.

Renmen Bondye, Sèvi Lòt Moun, Fòm Disip
Love God, Serve Others, Form Disciples.

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