What can I possibly do to make a difference in the world?

By Stephen Schmitz

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Will you join us in the journey?

The constant din of the latest “in breaking news tonight” tragedy, bends our minds and can make us wonder “What can I possibly do to make a difference in the world?”

In a world so full of pain and need how can we focus our efforts? With all the greed in the world how to we know that our gifts will be received by those who need them? With so much need how can we begin to hope that we can actually have an impact?

Consider how “Doing a new thing” in these three ways might help: Pray, Give, Join.
Praying can help you enter into a frame of mind to reflect, to let the weight of the world slide from your shoulders and open space in your mind for God to rest and visit.

Give as prayer leads you to do so. You have read several articles in the bulletin throughout Lent. These articles spoke of joining a committee, helping others through your personal gifts, seeing poverty as a call to action, doing something new even if it’s a little scary and to find creative ways to stay connected and helpful.

Join in SOMETHING! There are so many opportunities in our All Saints community that need you and your special gifts. Do a new thing, make time to take time to serve.

We Pray that you will give some of your time and gifts by Joining the Haiti committee and helping us further our mission of education for the children in our sister parish, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Haiti. Doing this new thing impacts specific people for the rest of their lives!

We invite you to “do a new thing” this Lent. Join us in supporting Haiti or choose another way to get involved in the parish. As always, we appreciate your ongoing prayers and contributions.

Your contribution of $150 (the annual cost to educate one child), or whatever you are able to give, is greatly appreciated.

Be sure to use the drop-down menu and select “Haiti Lenten Alms”
send a check to the parish office with “Haiti Lenten Alms” in the memo.

Renmen Bondye, Sèvi Lòt Moun, Fòm Disip
Love God, Serve Others, Form Disciples.

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