Why I Support Our Teachers in Haiti

By Jim

I was never much of a contributor to overseas social causes … before January 2019.
There are all those non-government organizations and private donors who took care of the hungry children, the immigrant holding camps and those unlawfully imprisoned in other countries. I reasoned. And besides, there was plenty of need locally.
For years I traveled the world for my job and saw people living in poverty, as well as those living in comfort and luxury.
As a temporary visitor to three other continents, I was just an observer. There was nothing I, as an individual, could do to help. I reasoned.
But I didn’t ask how I could help. I just came and went, without knowing or caring, because I had a job to do and I was always busy thinking about tomorrow’s list of things to be done.
That is until I made a purposeful All Saints mission trip to Haiti in January to put my faith into action and support for Father Eddy and the teachers and children in our sister parish.
To see the need first hand was life changing. But to see the impact of the resources provided by you and the parishioners of St John’s in Mt. Vernon and Heart of Mary Cluster in Vinton, was the real blessing.
For the past 19 years, our three parishes have raised funds to help pay the salaries of more than 100 Haitian teachers in the 24 parish schools.
The ultimate impact of your ongoing generosity is that all the schools are open and children are learning.
While we are blessed to have safety nets for many people in our country, Haiti offers no such support for its citizens. I support local needs, as well as our Haiti Christian family, because they have nothing but hope and education.

You don’t really have to travel to Haiti to help. If you have faith that the good we do there is invaluable, your heart is in the right place. And my faith in you has been affirmed. Thank you for your support.

Your donation of $150, or whatever you can offer, helps give the children of Notre Dame du Lourdes a future.

Please Give Generously To Our 2019 Fall Education Fundraiser https://allsaintscr.com/resources/donate/

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Love God, Serve Others, Form Disciples.

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