An Imperfect Journey

By Carla Lloyd

Thank you Father Jack for your words a few weeks ago, “Be Radical, Take Care of Each Other”. It is time we take action showing Respect for the Life and Dignity of Every Human Being. In the past I refrained from writing a bulletin article; I didn’t feel I could adequately portray the feelings in my heart. Yet, something this year told me I had to try. Maybe it was my heartache when we received tragic news from our Haitian friends, or the safety concerns for Father Eddy traveling to the villages of our sister parish. The final push however, was hearing the crackle in the voices of team members, as we ended our meeting in prayer and continued to lift each other up in faith to stay strong in this mission.

So “Why Haiti?” I sat in the pews at All Saints many years ago asking this question. Are we truly making an impact? What do we do on the mission trips? For a few years after these thoughts I did not pursue answers and regret to admit, walked past the student pictures on the wall. I cannot remember the exact year I first took one home to place on the fridge and sent in a donation; our children were young and blessed with great schools and teachers here. I do remember not being consistent in donating every year immediately thereafter, maybe I was too busy and forgot, or had convinced myself there was more need for our own kids as school expenses crept up. Regardless of how imperfect this journey was, I am thankful it was enough involvement to resonate with my daughter who continued to ask about the Haitian students, and to go on a mission trip.

Finally, in 2018 my daughter and I packed our bags and headed to Haiti with the team. Upon arrival any remaining doubts about the impact we have were extinguished. We saw firsthand the teachers’ love for the students and desire for more teacher training. We were able to experience the excitement of the students, eager to learn with the brightest of SMILES on their faces. If they can continue to be strong in their faith in spite of the many hardships that come their way then we MUST be able to do the same. Quite simply, the WHY is that without OUR support the 24 chapel schools, 200 teachers, over 6000 students would not have this opportunity to be in school.

Thank you for your continued support. Regardless of where your journey is currently, I ask that you take a moment to pray and where possible help support education for our sister parish.

Your donation of $150, or whatever you can offer, helps give the children of Notre Dame du Lourdes a future.

Please Give Generously To Our 2021 Fall Education Fundraiser

Renmen Bondye, Sèvi Lòt Moun, Fòm Disip
Love God, Serve Others, Form Disciples.

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