The Teacher

By Cate Biro

Raguel DrawingI met Raguel the first time I traveled to Haiti. I did not know any of the people and I did not know what to expect. I did not understand the commitment to education in Belle Fontaine and then I watched Raguel working with students. Raguel was patient but, firm and encouraging of students. I watched Raguel encourage the other teachers in the school. Raguel was one of the reasons that I took a second trip to Haiti. I wanted to better understand how to help the people and Raguel helps them every day. Raguel is faithful to Christ in that he steps out in love every day. Raguel encourages his students and their families and looks for people to help with teaching in the school. Over the years that has not changed. When we talk about support for the teachers in Belle Fontaine, we have the thought in the back of our minds that we can create more teachers like Raguel.

Unfortunately, Raguel has told us that the education system in rural areas like Belle Fontaine has been neglected for years. Training for teachers is one of the areas that is neglected, Raguel tries to change that. Raguel has been a dedicated supporter our Teacher Training program. Raguel has always been willing to tell us what subjects will help the teachers. Raguel has been vocal in telling us how he uses, in the classroom, what we teach in the training. Raguel tells us that our Teacher Training programs have inspired him to provide more formal training for the teachers in Belle Fontaine.

When I see Raguel in the classroom, in Teacher Training sessions, and in the village he is always living what he teaches to the students – love God, be kind, always help.

I wish all of you could meet Raguel in person to experience the humble, peaceful presence of Raguel who is dedicated to God and the people of Belle Fontaine.

Your contributions to our Lenten Alms for Haiti sustain the chapel schools in Notre Dame de Lourdes where disciples like Raguel teach. Your donation of $150 or whatever you can offer helps give the children of Notre Dame de Lourdes a future. 

Please Give Generously To Our 2022 Haiti Lenten Fundraiser 

Renmen Bondye, Sèvi Lòt Moun, Fòm Disip
Love God, Serve Others, Form Disciples.

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