How has the 20 years of support created the condition for Faith Formation and Teacher Formation to exist?

Part Five of Seven

One of the new things that Father Magloire had asked us to start was the Teacher In-Service/Formation sessions. Father’s idea was that we bring materials, methods, and examples with us to Haiti. We had become more involved with the teachers during our last few visits. We had been mostly casual observers of their classrooms. The most involved we had been was during the time we spent taking the student pictures to bring back home so all of you could see the faces of the students being helped by your education support.

Beginning in 2013 our travel team was being joined by more and more folks who had a passion for what was happening in the classroom and how it was happening, and it was the beginning of a transformation of our mission visits. It was adding a whole new dimension of involvement and understanding and relating to the teachers, students, and their parents. We were having more conversations with the teachers directly and began asking more questions about what they would like to learn that would improve the learning experience for the kids.

We observed primary teaching method was rote learning. The teacher would write the lessons on the wall/blackboard and the students would copy it into their composition books. So the idea was developed to bring tactile learning methods with us the next year and try out a Teacher In-Service/Formation session. The first Teacher In-Service was conducted during our eleventh visit in 2014. It was a hit with the 40 or so teachers who were there. The team visited with the teachers and exchanged ideas about what could be done the next year. Our visits to Notre Dame de Lourdes had taken on a new purpose.

Throughout our next five visits, from 2015 to 2019 we have conducted Teacher in-services attended by up to 120 teachers and directors. We have also conducted Faith Formation trainings on Servant Leadership, Catholic Social Teachings, and Spiritual Gifts. Each of these were created in English and then translated to French for the printed materials we took with us to the villages.

The large gathering of teachers and directors made for some lively Masses as well as wonderful crowds at the dinner table!!

If anyone has ideas or expertise they would like to share regarding Teacher In-service programs or Faith Formation programs please get in touch with someone on the Haiti committee. Contact information is on the Parish Committees & Ministries page of the bulletin.

Your Lenten Alms will aid in continuing these educational efforts!

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Renmen Bondye, Sèvi Lòt Moun, Fòm Disip
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