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The theme for the Haiti Committee’s Fall Program is “Konbit” – in Haitian creole this roughly translates to “potluck”. The Parish potlucks and programs will be after the masses on October 22nd and 23rd. Apart from the actual meals and program what could “Konbit” mean for us? One idea is to think about what each of us can bring to the table to help with efforts at our Sister Parish in Haiti, Notre Dame De Lourdes. One of the things that each of us can bring is our spiritual gift which we have been given. Each of us has a spiritual gift. As the scripture says: “each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good” 1 Corinthians 12-7. If we can bring the spiritual gifts that we have been given to the table, we can help our Sister Parish and each other.

A bit of history. In 2007 the Archdiocese of Dubuque adopted a program which was initially called “Discerning Charisms” (recognizing spiritual gifts). This program was designed to help parishioners recognize the gifts that each of us has been given by the Holy Spirit. All Saints participated in the pilot program. Some of you may have participated in that process. If so, you were probably able to determine and identify your specific gift and/or gifts.

In an effort to share this knowledge with our Sister Parish, Steve Schmitz and I, conducted a workshop in Haiti in 2019 for our Haitian brothers and sisters. The teachers, administrators, and parishioners from many of our villages within Notre Dame De Lourdes participated. Steve had the book which helped in this process translated into French and had translators help us communicate the program. We think we opened some eyes and hope that effort helped those involved and that they may have spread the message to those not present.

The idea of using our spiritual gifts is that, as we use our gifts, several wonderful things happen. First, because it is a true gift your efforts will be successful. Secondly, as our good friends and parishioners, Bob and Pam Lillibridge, who have helped thousands of people over the years discovery their gifts, would say:

“You will know that you are doing what you should be doing because your heart will be singing”

At a Konbit (Potluck) you bring a gift of food to contribute to the success of the community meal. In a similar fashion when you bring your Spiritual gift to the Sister Parish mission you are contributing to the success of our Sister Parish relationship. If we all bring our gifts to bear, some will engage in service, some will be in administration, some with fundraising, some with determining needs and acts of mercy. As we exercise our gifts, our hearts will sing.

The needs in Haiti are great. Now more than ever our Haitian brothers and sisters could use our help. We ask for your help, your prayers, and your gifts.

Steve Pace for the Haiti Committee

Our mission is to provide financial support for the 100 plus teachers and 4500 students in the 24 chapel schools in the parish of Notre Dame de Lourdes in Belle Fontaine Haiti.
Your donation of $150 or more will help a child attend school for a year.

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