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Lenten Alms 2020

We have supported Education in Notre Dame de Lourdes for 20 years. Over that time an estimated 16,000 children have completed their 6th grade education through attendance at the 24 chapel schools in the villages of Notre Dame de Lourdes.

Please click on the link below to contribute.

Contributions may be mailed to:
All Saints Haiti Committee
720 29th St SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403
Please include the notation “Education Support Fund.”

Renmen Bondye, Sèvi Lòt Moun, Fòm Disip
Love God, Serve Others, Form Disciples.

Lenten Alms Beginning Thoughts

Walking on a mountain trail in Haiti can be tricky. The winding paths are often made of loose gravel and the stones beneath your feet can shift. A small stone or two might bounce down the mountainside, perhaps dislodging some others that, in turn, upset a few more until what began as a trickle of pebbles becomes a small avalanche.

The financial support we give our sister parish in Haiti is like that. Small actions create larger chain reactions.

When we send a dollar to help pay the salary of a village schoolteacher, we’re helping him or her buy food and shelter. We’re telling those teachers their work is important. It has value and we appreciate it.

But the story doesn’t stop there. When that teacher pays rent, the landlord gets a dollar to spend on lumber he buys from a farmer. The farmer uses the money to have his shoes repaired by a cobbler. The shoemaker pays a merchant for grain to feed his chickens. On and on until the single dollar paid to the schoolteacher has helped create an avalanche of market transactions, helping buoy up many individual villagers and, therefore, the community as a whole.

When the school uses another dollar to purchase supplies such as notebooks, pencils and text books, or hygiene and antiseptic necessities such as soap, or classroom desks, tables and chairs, that dollar starts another avalanche of market transactions.

Take those dollars and multiply them a hundredfold and you may begin to realize the impact your financial contributions have on our brothers and sisters in Belle Fontaine: In a community burdened with poverty, it makes the difference between hope and despair.

The financial support we provide our sister parish educational system directly fosters the following possibilities:

1.teacher salaries;
2. school uniforms;
3. classroom supplies and basic equipment;
4. student health and personal hygiene instruction;
5. gardening cooperatives to train students new farming techniques; and
6. environment of community and individual opportunity that reduces crime and delinquency, initiates village projects, and improves overall well-being.

During this Lenten season, look for more information in the weekly bulletin about each of these impacts.

Beginning Ash Wednesday, you will find envelopes in the pews to contribute your Lenten alms. Please take one home and return it with your donation on or before Holy Thursday Mass April 9th. Any amount would be welcome and useful. A goal donation is $150.

We raise half of our annual budget for education support in Haiti during Lent. Keep our family in Haiti in your hearts this Lent, take an Alms envelope home, and give generously. Renmen Bondye, Sèvi Lòt Moun, Fòm Disip (Love God, Serve Others, Form Disciples).

Mission Trip 2019

This year we were a team of fourteen who visited our sister parish of Notre Dame de Lourdes. While we were there we prayed together, shared ideas, learned of hopes and dreams and enjoyed wonderful food.

We also did Vacation Bible School for the children after the Masses. That was organized chaos! Lots of fun.

We shared more teaching techniques through a Teacher In-Service. This time the focus was on classroom management. Over 100 teachers and directors attended. We also shared faith formation through a presentation on Spiritual Gifts.

Notre Dame de Lourdes – January 2012 mission trip

In January 2012, a team of 10 traveled meeting another team member who was already in Haiti volunteering at a medical clinic. Due to mechanical difficulties with Father Magloire’s truck, four members of the team stayed at Wings of Hope, they were able to meet with Catholic Relief Services to understand partnership opportunities and (with our medical students from Belle Fontaine) toured Quisqueya University and met with the administrator there. Seven members of the team traveled on to Belle Fontaine, three stayed in Bassin Medor. The team in Bassin Medor did water quality testing and demonstrated the John Hayes water system (it uses water and table salt to create chlorine for water purification). Due to the cholera outbreak a significant amount of education has been done on the use of chlorine to purify water, the team found a high degree of interest in the Hayes system. Four team members made an additional trip to Ducrabon where Sister Maria is overseeing the establishment of the hospital to tour the hospital and meet with Father Magloire to review his priorities. It was established that support for education (both in Belle Fontaine and for the medical students) was his top priority.

Here is a link to an article written by Sister Maria Leal –

Here are some of the pictures, enjoy:

Notre Dame de Lourdes – January 2011 mission visit

Here are some pictures from our January 2011 mission trip. A fourteen member team from All Saints and St. Mary’s were able to visit Wings of Hope, St.Joseph’s and Trinity house as well as our sister parish village of Ducrabon in Belle Fontaine Haiti. We met our new priest, Father Jean Marc Magloire who is a wonderful man and seems to be well suited for the work ahead of him.
You can view a picture show with music at this link

and a Video at this link