Cha Cha school building campaign

Our mission in Haiti is to Serve Others by supporting education.

The priest and administrator of this large parish, Father Jean Eddy
Louis, has asked for our help in raising funds to build a new school
in the village of ChaCha.
It is designed to support 300 students, Kindergarten to sixth grade.
This will also serve students in two nearby villages, Grand Chemin and Bois Dunes. In support of the local economy, local skilled labor will build the cinder block and reinforced concrete roofed school. Building materials must be trucked in from the Port Au Prince area.

Future Cha Cha school for 300 children

We have raised $120,000 so far which paid for the foundation and wall construction and it is ready for a roof. The engineers have informed Father Eddy that an additional $30,000 is needed to finish the construction project.
Your donation would help put the roof on this school and provide a safe and secure place for the education of 300 children.

Please click here to donate:
Contributions may be mailed to:
All Saints Haiti Committee
720 29th St SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403
Please include the notation “ChaCha School Fund.”

Dear Benefactors
I am obliged once again to ask you for your participation in the construction of the ChaCha school. The construction has arrived in a phase of no return. After several months spent where we are working hard for the realization of this building however, we cannot get to the end because of the lack of funding.
That is why, on behalf of all the children and all the teachers who attend this establishment, I ask you to help us finish with this construction. Your participation will help a lot so that our multiple children do not become delinquents, gangsters because we already have too many who come from the area. We would like to give ChaCha’s children a good education so that they can become citizens able to help their country.
To finish the construction, we need a very significant good participation of $30,000US for:
• Formwork
• Concrete
• Electricity
• Plastering
• Stucco
• Paint
• Bench
• Doors
To achieve this, we need to purchase:
• Cement
• Iron
• Sand
• Gravel
• Labor
That is why, I come back to you to help us finish this school as soon as possible so that the children can enter it at the beginning of August. Already I say thank you for your generosity towards the children of Haiti and more particularly ChaCha.
Père Eddy

Learn more about what a school would mean to the people who live and teach in Cha Cha

Contributions may be mailed to:
All Saints Haiti Committee
720 29th St SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403
Please include the notation “ChaCha School Fund.”

Thank You, the Haiti Committee of All Saints, Heart of Mary cluster, and St. John the Baptist.

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